Frequently Asked Questions

At ACAC, we believe in spirit-led giving and that giving is done not out of obligation or pressure. Our ask is simple; ask God what He would have you give, and be obedient to what He says. When we do that, we know that God will be faithful to fund the work He wants to be accomplished. Thank you for your generosity and obedience that allows kingdom work to happen here on the North Side and beyond.

Why does ACAC offer online and mobile giving?

For your convenience. As check writing continues to decrease, we recognized that your church giving should also offer the convenience of online and mobile payments. Online and mobile giving also benefits churches by automating contributions processing & providing donation consistency.

If I give online or via the mobile app, can I still make other donations through the offering plate?

Yes. Any time. All gifts are welcome as the Holy Spirit directs your heart.

What types of payments are eligible for online and mobile giving?

You may give from any checking or savings account, credit or debit card.

Why does ACAC accept credit card donations?

Credit card donations are accepted for the convenience of our contributors. ACAC does not encourage anyone to incur debt or interest charges in the course of giving to the Lord’s work.

Is my payment information stored by ACAC? Are online and mobile giving secure ?

ACAC does not store your payment info. Your payment info. is stored temporarily by a merchant bank that processes online and mobile transactions. The merchant bank complies with standard industry security requirements.

Are there any fees involved with giving online or via the mobile app?

You will not pay any fees for an online or mobile gift. ACAC incurs a processing fee for all online and mobile giving transactions. ACAC’s fees are lowest when you donate by checking or savings accounts.

When and how often can I give? Can I designate my giving?

You can give anytime by accessing ACAC’s website giving page. You can make a one-time contribution or set up a recurring gift to be given weekly, every 2 weeks, twice per month, monthly, or quarterly. You can allocate your gifts to various ACAC funds.

What if I wish to change my giving or change the frequency?

You can change your giving any time before the date of your next contribution. Log in and go to Giving (at top), My Scheduled Giving (from drop down), then choose Edit (pencil icon on far right).

Can I review my donation history online?

Yes. Log in and go to Giving (at top), My Giving History (from drop down). Please note that your online and mobile donations will not be posted immediately to your giving history. Your online giving history is not your official tax statement.

Will I still receive regular contribution statements from the church?

Yes. ACAC will mail official tax statements by January 31st to your address on file.

What if I can't resolve technical issues with the online giving tool?

If you have issues with your Access ACS account or can’t complete your giving as a One-Time Guest, please email ACS Technical Support Team with a description of your problem and someone will contact you soon.

Contact ACS Support

How can I donate stocks, mutual funds, or other assets?

Look for details and instructions at the bottom of our main giving page.

What if I still have further questions?

We are happy to help! Please call the church at (412) 321-4333 and ask for the finance department.