Why Membership?

We do not pressure people to take this step. We consider everyone who attends a part of our church family and minister to all with equal concern and commitment. Nevertheless, we believe there are valid reasons for a membership process. Let us share a few with you:


The concept of commitment has fallen on hard times in our current culture. People avoid commitments at all costs and often at a great penalty to themselves and others. Marriages are failing at an epidemic rate because of a lack of commitment. Many feel no loyalty to employers, employees, neighbors, friends, communities, etc.  This spirit has found its way into the church as well. Many float from church to church as if each assembly was merely another stop on a spiritual smorgasbord! As soon as they find something they don’t appreciate or encounter someone who offends them, they leave and set up their tent elsewhere, being careful not to drive the pegs too deep.

We believe it’s important to find a fellowship where the Word is preached and practiced, put down roots, and work and pray to the end that your church will bring glory and honor to Christ. That’s not always easy or painless, but it’s mature and fruitful.

Protecting the Truth

A second reason why we believe in membership is that it helps to preserve the doctrinal stand of a fellowship against gradual erosion and drift. Each applicant is required to read the statement of faith and state his or her agreement with it. Questions are gladly answered by the pastors and elders. We want you to know where we stand. You need to know what we believe if you are going to be a participant in this ministry. This process of membership helps explain why this church has been in existence for more than 100 years without any change in its· doctrinal stand. The Gospel has not been compromised by unscriptural fads, and our people are not confused by competing teachings.


Finally, in order to protect the doctrinal stand of Allegheny Center Alliance Church, it is essential that those who hold leadership positions be in harmony with the church’s convictions. It is likewise critical that those who recognize and affirm leadership in our annual elections be persuaded of the same beliefs and motivated by the same commitment. That is why the privileges of voting and holding church office are open only to official members.

There are other very practical reasons why we practice membership, but these examples will help you understand our mindset. God is a God of order, and the church does not need to be spontaneous and unorganized in order to be spiritual. In fact, the Word teaches us that true liberty is only found within prescribed boundaries.

Interested in Becoming a Member?

If you're interested in becoming a member, please let us know!
If you email us, we can connect with you and give you more information about any upcoming membership classes.