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Meet Our Staff

Pastoral Leadership

Alan Hannah - Lead Pastor

Ross Owens - Administrative Pastor

Blaine Workman - Administrative Pastor

Sheila Edmunds – Administrative Assistant

Sheran White - Administrative Assistant


Adult Life Ministries
Our Adult Life Ministries help men and women join one another in learning and applying Biblical principles to everyday life.       

Andy Antoninka - Senior Ministries Coordinator

Elizabeth Daigle - Assistant Pastor of Adult Life Ministries

George Furman – Pastor of Adult Life Ministries

Donald Tucker –Pastor of Congregational Care

Julie Federer – Administrative Assistant

Care Connections
Care Connections shows the compassion and love of Jesus Christ, helping people meet their needs and overcome difficult circumstances.

Christina Leeman - Coordinator, Care Connections Ministries


Central Resources/Operations

Karen Allerton - Manager, Accounting   

Joe Grondziowski  - Manager, Operations                  

Cindy Miller - Coordinator, Operations   

Dale Miller - Manager, Information Technology

Corinne Powell - Director, Human Resources

Ken Turnbull - Pastor/Director, Advancement/Operations


Children’s Ministries
CM teaches and models the love of Jesus in a safe, fun and welcoming enviroment while partnering with parents to encourage children to know and love Christ.

Tracy Grondziowski - Weekend Services Director

Sean Meyercheck - Kids Club Coordinator

Anna Schell - Academic Coordinator

Krista Schlereth - Outreach Director / Nursery Director


Counseling at ACAC combines high-quality professional therapy with a Biblical perspective, while providing a cost-effective option for those in need.

Tom Laird - Director, Counseling Ministries

Dan McHugh - Assistant Director, Counseling Ministries

Creative Arts

Joshua Orr - Music Director

Jen Lawlor - Creative Arts Director

Matt Black - Audio Engineer

Emma Schell - Communications Specialist

Gregg Hughes - Creative Media Director

Jayson Patterson - Graphic Design Specialist

Martha Walton - Communications Specialist

Becky Wimer - Administrative Assistant


Homestead Church Plant
A satellite church campus of ACAC located in Homestead.

Sheldon Williams - Pastor, Fellowship 4:12 Homestead Church Plant


At ACAC, missions is not an obligation - it's our passion, our response to God's wonderful grace in our lives, and the best way to stay constantly in tune with the heart of God.

Glenn Hanna - Pastor, Missions

Ali Ziegler - Missions Coordinator


Student Ministries
SM offers a supportive, loving and fun enviroment where teenagers can be nurtured and challenged to grow in their walk with Jesus.

Joel Matonak - Pastor/Director, Student Ministries - Middle School

Joe Oliver - Pastor/Director, Student Ministries - High School


Young Adults
Young Adults Ministry creates a space for 20- and 30- somethings to connect in fellowship, discipleship, and growth.

Tim Daigle – Pastor, Young Adults