Leadership changes are inevitable in God’s Kingdom. What isn’t inevitable is how they’re handled. They can be train wrecks or they can be faith-building, God-honoring journeys!   

Several years ago Pastor Rock sensed God would have his tenure as Lead Pastor conclude at age 72. (He turned 70 in April 2019.)  He shared that with our staff and leadership boards, and with our congregation in November 2018. At that time he noted his prophetic gifting made him the right pastor to lead ACAC into renewal as a diverse expression of God’s Kingdom. But a different leader - with different gifts and strengths – will be necessary to advance God’s vision for ACAC’s future.   


Review Pastor Rock's message when he introduced "Finding Joshua."



Succession Planning Process

Succession Planning: Overview of the Process with Michael Dear and Curt Lawhead


There’s more to succession planning than recruiting, interviewing, and hiring!  Much more. That’s why our leadership boards quickly established a Succession Planning Committee comprised of members with appropriate backgrounds and skill sets. They’ve been leading a thorough process intended to identify our next Lead Pastor and ensure a smooth transition, one that will overlap Pastor Rock’s tenure.  

To assist the process we’ve engaged an external Christian firm (Auxano) to help us pave the way for a smooth transition and the next leader's success.  And we’ve employed a respected pastoral search firm (Slingshot) to help us discern God’s person. A group of seven carefully trained congregants will interview potential candidates. Then our leadership boards will seek God’s leading and make a decision, just as we’ve always done. The entire process will take approximately two years.  


Finding Joshua

Listen to the Finding Joshua Transforming Conversation where Pastor Rock discusses ACAC's decision to hire an outside firm to assist with finding his successor.

How you can engage

• Commit to praying at least 15 minutes per week for this important process and join our Praying for Joshua prayer team!  Email [email protected] to join, and receive a weekly email to unify and focus the team’s prayers as well as monthly invitations to pray in person.

• Review the ACAC profile that potential candidates will be given by our national pastoral search firm to understand our church and be able to determine if this is a position God might have them consider applying for.

• Consider if you or someone you know is interested in applying for this position.  Resumes may be sent to [email protected]

• If you have any other concerns or questions that you'd like addressed concerning succession planning, please email [email protected] and someone will be in touch.

How Should We Pray? 

Please pray: 

• Our succession planning team, interview team, consulting partners, and leadership boards will correctly discern God’s leading through this process. 

• For the person God has already prepared and selected, that he (and his family) would discern God’s clear call to lead ACAC. 

• That our congregation will fully embrace and support Pastor Rock’s successor,
allowing him to be his own person and leader under God. 

• For Pastor Rock and Karen as they transition to a different, but continuing, role in God’s Kingdom. They plan to remain in Pittsburgh and serve within ACAC as God leads.   


Thank you

Thank you for participating in the Succession Congregational survey, which took place from January 16th– February 3rd, 2019.  A summary of the results can be viewed here.  The Succession Planning Committee will incorporate your questions and general feedback into the interview process as well as work with Slingshot (our search firm) to connect with the suggested candidates.  The committee greatly appreciates this opportunity to hear from our congregation and adjust their approach according to what is important to you!