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Meet Alan Hannah

Thank you to those who have been faithfully praying for this important process! We are blessed to share that Alan Hannah will step into ACAC’s assistant lead pastor role, starting in early January. Alan will progressively take on more responsibility and leadership throughout the course of 2020, and toward the latter part of that year, Pastor Rock will move into retirement and Alan will step into the lead pastor role.

For the past 25 years, Alan Hannah has served the local church in full-time ministry. He has spent the majority of that time as a pastor at three different churches in Virginia, Texas, and Pennsylvania, where he currently resides. Known for his worship leading, the pursuit of God's presence, and teaching, he has been passionate about raising the bar of authenticity, leadership, and excellence in today's church. He is also moved and inspired by ACAC’s mission of “Following Jesus in Diverse Community”, and feels that the Lord has been preparing his heart for this transition throughout his ministry, and especially the last few months.

Alan graduated from Oral Roberts University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational & Interpersonal Communications and a minor in TV & radio. He also recently completed his Master of Divinity in Pastoral Ministries from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.

He is married to Tara Hannah, his college sweetheart, and they have two children, Alex and Kadyn. Alan's also an avid sports fan who roots for his hometown Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins.

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Finding Joshua: A Thorough and God-Honoring Process

After Pastor Rock began sensing the Lord calling him to plan a conclusion of his tenure as ACAC’s lead pastor, our Finding Joshua efforts began in earnest in early 2017. One goal of the process was to ensure involvement with a diverse, capable team that could prayerfully play a meaningful role in the decision-making process.

To that end, a Succession Planning Committee was commissioned by the elders and was led by Michael Dear and Enzo Santilli. Michael and Enzo then enlisted the support of a team of godly men and women to assist with this sacred task, and the committee grew to become six members.

The Holy Spirit revealed to the committee early in the process that ACAC needed godly and experienced guidance when planning for this transition. To that end, ACAC partnered with Auxano, a leading church succession planning firm, to consult ACAC in preparing the soil for our next season of leadership.

While the committee worked with the Board of Elders to create a senior pastor position profile, they also felt a calling to engage with Slingshot Group, a third-party search firm specializing in church positions with an extensive national network. Slingshot Group brought a depth of experience and potential candidate contacts that ACAC did not possess, and this has proven to be a fruitful partnership.

Additionally, the committee distributed a congregational survey, requesting congregants to share their hearts on what they felt was important in this process, what questions should be considered, and potential candidates to contact. This information was then incorporated into the Sr. Pastor interview process.

Next, the committee began selecting the interview team, comprised of multi-ethnic, cross generational, spirit-filled congregants with the ability to discern God’s truth in wisdom. This group of men and women attended an extensive training and have dedicated many hours to interviewing and evaluating candidate information.

Along the way, the Praying for Joshua prayer team, has been instrumental in unifying and focusing prayers for this effort. On a monthly basis, the team meets during the second service to pray for specific aspects of the interviewing and selection process.

The purpose of this process has been to seek who God is already raising up to be our next lead pastor.