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Winter Studies

Looking for a way to connect with other men around the Word of God without an overwhelming time commitment? Then join us for an informal walk through the the gospel of Luke.  We’ll meet weekly for an hour over Zoom and chat about what we learn and discover along the way.

During this 20-week study weekly assignments will be limited to:

  • Reading 1-2 chapters
  • Bringing 1 question and 1 observation to each meeting 

There is no cost to participate.

Facilitators:  Bruce Grover, Paul Belschner, Jim Moore, and Jim Kimpel

Day / Time:  Wednesdays, 7-8am | 7-8pm

  • January 5 - Orientation
  • January 12 - Study begins

Location:  Online via Zoom

Required Resource:  Bible

Registration:  Click here to register

Join us in the New Year as we continue our study in Psalms.  We meet each week for worship at teaching - both on campus at ACAC and online at acacpgh.online.church.

Begins January 11/12:

  • Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30pm
  • Wednesdays from 9:30-11:30am

Discussion / Discipleship Groups meet following - both at ACAC and on Zoom. 

Each week's teaching is also available "on demand" for individuals and groups meeting at other times throughout the week.

Cost:  Notebook with printed lessons, $15; PDF file vie email, Free.

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A series of studies for the person who is beginning their journey of prayer to the one who wants to grow their prayer life.  These studies will lay simple foundational truths about prayer and then systematically challenge the student to continue on from prayer basics into a growing and vital prayer life.

Study 1
We will begin our study with Max Lucado as he teaches us about the power of a simple prayer.  We will then transition to Crystal Evans Hurst who will take us on a 28 day prayer journey where we will learn how to enjoy deeper conversations with God (about 9 weeks).

Facilitator:  Marvin Nelson

Day / Time:  Sundays (begins January 9), 8:30am

Location:  ACAC - Union Place Room 307

Required Resources:  TBA

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God / Family / Career - Learn how these three converged to the High Side in the lives of Sally and Keith Turnbull.  Keith will lead a real life interactive discussion of his book on how the biblical principles of Unconditional Love can impact life.

Facilitator:  Keith Turnbull

Day / Time:  Wednesdays (begins January 12), 7-8:30pm

Location:  ACAC - Main Prayer Room

Required Resources:  Unconditional Love The High Side of Life by Keith Turnbull - Free

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Week 1 Handout

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If you are an entrepreneur, God has a purpose and a plan for all those entrepreneurial dreams and creative gifts he gave you. The work you do today—the company you’ve built (or plan to build), the employees you work with, the customers you serve, the shareholders you report to, all of it—serves as an active part of what God wants to accomplish on earth. 

This study comes from the book, Faith Driven Entrepreneur, written by:

  • Christian entrepreneur Henry Kaestner, founder of the Faith Driven movement
  • Author and pastor J.D. Greear
  • Pastor and CEO Chip Ingram

We believe that building faith-driven businesses is not only a powerful and energizing way to fulfill one’s own creative calling, but one of the primary ways God is moving to shape the faith of the next generation.

Facilitator:  Tim Daigle

Day / Time:  Sundays (begins January 16), 11:30am

Location:  ACAC - Union Place

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Facilitator:  Kim Reed

Day / Time:  Thursdays (begins January 20), 6pm

Location:  Online - Zoom

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Men Only

  • Do you struggle with your identity in Christ or often feel like you're a disappointment to God? 
  • Do you struggle with fear, suffer from past wounds, or can't find your way to forgive others who have hurt you? 
  • Do you feel like you are stuck and want to deepen your relationship with God? 

If you answered, "Yes." to any of these questions and are ready to make some changes - then join us for an interactive journey of self-examination called Soul Care - as we learn to identify and remove the barriers that hinder intimacy with Him and journey together into the freedom and fullness of Christ.

Facilitators:  Paul Belschner and Marvin Nelson

Day / Time:  Tuesdays (begins February 8) 7-8:30pm

Location:  ACAC - Union Place 120

Required Resource:  Soul Care by Rob Reimer

  • $10 - Order when you register - to be picked up at ACAC

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Couples Only

Is your relationship repeating the same patterns? Do you want to enrich and deepen your marriage or dating relationship? This group will help you discover and address the causes of your relationship challenges.

The curriculum includes video, discussion, and skill building activities.

Facilitators: Matt and Ellen Huffmyer

Day / Time: Wednesday (begins February 9), 7pm

Location: ACAC - Union Place 305

Cost: $10, How We Love Kit

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Married Couples Only

Married couples can attempt to enjoy physical intimacy while struggling with emotional intimacy. Through this nine-week course, discover a path to a more fulfilling sexual relationship as we discuss the five love styles and common problems each faces.

Facilitators: Matt and Ellen Huffmyer

Day / Time: Tuesdays (begins February 8), 7pm

Location: Online via Zoom

Cost: $10, How We Love Sex...or Don’t Kit 

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