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Single Parent Family Camp



We are excited to invite you to Single Parent Family Camp, the weekend of July 29-31, 2022 at beautiful Beulah Beach, located on the shores of Lake Erie in Vermilion, Ohio!

The goal of our camp is to provide a wholesome, fun and Spirit-filled get-away for single parents and their children.  We have lined-up great teaching for the adults and Beulah Beach is lining up terrific teams to minister to kids of all ages—nursery, preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school students.   There will be sports of all kinds including tubing on the lake, jet skis, beach and swimming pool access, and a rock wall for climbing.  Plans also include family time around the campfire, a hayride and more!

Who Can Participate?

Camp is limited to parents or legal guardians and their children.  Due to the nature of camp, fiancés and significant others may not attend as your guest.  A grandparent and children over 18 may attend if there is room within the family accommodations.  All participants must attend the scheduled sessions.  Children over 18 and grandparents must attend the adult sessions.

How To Register

Register online directly with Beulah Beach at www.bbeach.org/spfc.  Registration is on a first come, first served basis.   Please be sure to complete the medical forms for each camper.  All payments will also be made directly to Beulah Beach online—choose the option that works best for you when you register.

 Scholarships for Camp

ACAC has scholarships available to help make camp more affordable for those with financial need.  Scholarships are intended for parents/legal guardians and their children who are under 18 and are members/regular attenders of ACAC.   If you need assistance you may use the discount code "ACAC60" when you register for 60% off your total registration.

Getting to Camp!

You are responsible for your own transportation to and from camp.  However, if you need transportation for you and your children—please be sure to complete the Request Transportation for SPFC form. 


Contact Julie Federer — [email protected], x362.

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Summer Studies

A series of studies for the person who is beginning their journey of prayer to the one who wants to grow their prayer life.  These studies  lay simple foundational truths about prayer and then systematically challenge the student to continue on from prayer basics into a growing and vital prayer life.

Study 3 - We will unpack one model for praying the Lord’s Prayer with Fred Hartley as our guide. (about 10 weeks).

Facilitator:  Marvin Nelson

Day / Time:  Sundays (begins May 29), 8:30am

Location:  ACAC - Union Place 307

Click here to register!

The gospel of Luke gives us insights into the life of Jesus from a unique perspective.  Luke was the only Gentile to ever write a book of Scripture and his powers of observation and analysis are heightened by his medical training.  As such, in this gospel account we are presented with a well-investigated and detailed study into the life of Jesus and the Kingdom he came to proclaim.  Join us as together we learn more about Jesus from this unique perspective.

Facilitator:  Larry Heimann

Day / Time:  Sundays, 11:30am

Location:  ACAC - Union Place 307

Required Resources:  Bible

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Do you want to enrich and deepen your marriage or dating relationship? Or is your relationship stuck, repeating the same patterns? This study will help you discover and address the underlying blueprint that shapes your behavior, beliefs, and expectations of all relationships - especially marriage.

Through this study for couples you will:

  • Discover your love style and the root of your marriage challenges
  • Identify and change the core patterns in your marriage that block intimacy with one another

Facilitators:  Matt and Ellen Huffmyer

Day / Time:  Sundays (begins June 5) 11:30am

Location:  ACAC - Union Place 305

Required Resource:  How We Love kit - $10, order when you register

Registration is closed

Looking for a way to connect with other men around the Word of God!  Then join us for an informal walk through  Hebrews and 1 John.  We’ll meet weekly for an hour over Zoom and chat about what we learn and discover along the way.

During this 12-week study weekly assignments will be limited to:

  • Reading 1-2 chapters
  • Bringing a question, an observation, and an application to each meeting 

There is no cost to participate.

Facilitators:  Bruce Grover and George Furman

Day / Time:  Wednesdays, 7-8am | 7-8pm

Location:  Online via Zoom

Required Resource:  Bible

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As we embark on this 5-week study through Peter's encouraging letter we'll find the secret to learning to cope in the midst of life's difficulties and trials - is to put our faith in action and live in hope!

Facilitators:  Elizabeth Daigle and Julie Federer

Day / Time:  Wednesdays (June 1-29), 9:30-11am

Location: Online via Zoom

Resources:   printed study, $5; pdf file, free - order when you register

Click here to register