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Give to Missions


Giving to ACAC Missions is allocated to the Great Commission, Gospel Messenger, and Missions Priority Funds. You can also designate giving to specific individuals, international workers, sending agencies, or partnerships. Check below for a detailed explanation.

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The Great Commission Fund

Our denomination—the Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA)—has established the Great Commission Fund (GCF) to financially support all C&MA missionaries called to service outside the United States. These C&MA missionaries are called Alliance International Workers.

We encourage ACAC to financially support our Alliance International Workers and the work of the C&MA worldwide by faithfully and generously giving to the Great Commission Fund.

Approximately 70% of your missions giving is allocated to The Great Commission Fund.

The Gospel Messenger Fund


The Gospel Messenger Fund (GMF) allows you to financially support missionaries from the ACAC congregation who serve with organizations other than our denomination—the C&MA. Gospel Messengers may serve locally, nationally, or internationally.

We encourage ACAC to play a part in supporting our Gospel Messengers financially. Funds given to the Gospel Messenger Fund are regularly divided across all ACAC Gospel Messengers.

Approximately 20% of your missions giving is allocated to The Gospel Messenger Fund.

The Missions Priority Fund

The Missions Priority Fund (MPF) allows ACAC to respond to specific needs of our missionaries and support various types of mission activities locally, nationally, and internationally. The fund has allowed ACAC to bless many missionaries and mission partners in moments of financial need.

Approximately 10% of your missions giving is allocated to the Missions Priority Fund.

ACAC Partnerships

One of the ways ACAC engages in the spread of the gospel around the world is through partnerships. We establish long-term relationships with missionaries and ministries that align with ACAC’s missions heart. You can designate your giving to support one of our partnerships. On the giving page, either select the partnership from the Fund dropdown menu, or enter its name in the "Optional Memo" field.

Designated Individuals, Organizations, or Projects

There are many giving opportunities to support others as they engage in fulfilling the Great Commission locally and around the world—including Short-Term Mission Trips and Summer Mission Opportunities (SMOs) for students. ACAC often promotes special projects to bless individuals and ministries, like the Christmas Missionary Blessing, missionary outfits, or strategic initiatives by international workers. You can designate your giving to support one of these by selecting the specific individual or opportunities from the giving dropdown menu. If it's not listed, enter its name in the "Optional Memo" field.

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“Jesus gave His life for us, and those who follow Him closely embrace giving as a priviledge.”
— Pastor Rock Dillaman

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Thank you for giving

Your generous giving to missions at ACAC touches many lives and ministries. Here's just a few in the past year:

Sponsored a classPerspectives on the World Christian Movement—for over 30 students. Awarded need-based scholarships to participants in the class.

Provided funds for Christian Immigration Advocacy Center (CIAC) attorneys to keep current with legal credentials.

Provided scholarships to short-term missions team members desiring to serve around the world.

Sent ACAC participants to the C&MA Missions Converge Conference to expand our engagement in Alliance Missions.

Sent pastoral care teams to Bongolo Hospital, Gabon to host a prayer retreat, lead worship, and provide missionary care.

Provided emergency funds to assist a medical benevolence organization to release a medical container held up in port in Africa.

Supported multiple outreaches to refugees and immigrant families in the Crafton Heights area.

Provided funds to support new church plants in Kiev, Ukraine.

Assisted candidate missionaries in exploring and confirming their call through travel to target countries.

Supported local ministry to welcome international students attending Pittsburgh universities.

Provided funds to support our various partnerships.

Provided scholarship funds to send Somali-Bantu children to Pine Valley Bible Camp this summer.

Provided outfit funds to send international workers to their new ministry abroad.

....and much more.