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Summer Studies

Each summer study will be offered in a "live - online format" using Zoom or a similar online platform.  You'll receive specific instructions for how to join before the first session.

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Conflicts! They can be big or small, long-standing or short-lived, anticipated or spontaneous. But they are certain to happen in life. How we resolve or manage them can improve, erode, or even break relationships. Our handling of them also impacts our peace, our integrity, and our testimony for better or worse. Join us this summer for an 8-session series on Resolving Everyday Conflict from Peacemaker Ministries. This video-based series is Biblically based and will be offered in a live, online format.

In this 8 week study you will learn to:

  • Improve all types of relationships by handling conflicts in an effective way.

Facilitator:  Dan McHugh, Christian Counselors Collaborative

Day / Time:  Sundays (begins June 7), 8:30am


  1. Resolving Everyday Conflict - Participant Guide by Peacemaker Ministries  [order when you register]
  2. Right Now Media [subscribe for free when you register]

Registration:  Click here to register 

This 6-week course is being offered in a live, online format, and is for anyone who wants to grow their creative life. Creators of all levels and creative expressions are welcome -- from novice to professional artists including (but not limited to) musicians, writers, photographers, and textile artists.

Using Dr. John Stanko’s book, Unlocking the Power of Your Creativity, you will:

  • Explore your role as a “creator” in God's Kingdom.
  • Discuss strategies for growth (such as inspirational sources, good habits, and commitment to excellence)
  • Work through obstacles (such as fear, procrastination, and perfectionism).
  • Class members will be invited to share their own work.

Facilitators:  Dr. John Stanko and Stephen Pajewski

Days / Times:  Both weekly sessions will be the same content

  • Sundays (begins June 7), 6:00pm
  • Wednesdays (begins June 10), 8:00pm

Resource:  Unlocking the Power of Your Creativity by John Stanko

  • Click to purchase on Amazon - Book $12  |  Kindle $6
  • Click to purchase on Urban Press - Book $12 [free shipping]

Registration: Click here to register

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Do you want to enrich and deepen your marriage or dating relationship? Or is your relationship stuck, repeating the same patterns? This study will help you discover and address the underlying blueprint that shapes your behavior, beliefs, and expectations of all relationships - especially marriage.

Through this 9-week study you will:

  • Discover your love style and the root of your marriage challenges
  • Identify and change the core patterns in your marriage that block intimacy with one another
  • Learn to use the comfort circle to help facilitate deep conversations with one another

Facilitators:  Matt and Ellen Huffmyer

Day / Time:  Wednesdays (begins June 3), 7:00pm

Resource:  How We Love by Milan & Kay Yerkovich  [optional]

  • Click to order on Amazon - Book $13
  • Click to order on CBD - Book $12

Registration:  Click here to register

Parenting is hard. Yes, we love our kids, but they know how to misbehave and push our buttons. We want to raise them to love and obey God, but we can’t even get them to obey us!  Here’s the good news: we can learn to respond to our kids with love, firm boundaries, and grace-based discipline, even when their behavior lights our fuse.

In this study you will learn how to:

  • Stay calm, even when staring down toddlers
  • Set rules based on God’s priorities - not yours
  • Apply consequences that really work

Facilitator:  Twila Simmons-Walker

Day / Time:  Saturdays (begins June 6), 6:00pm


1. Grace Based Discipline by Karis Kimmel Murray

2.  Right Now Media app [subscribe for free when you register]

Registration:  Click here to register

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This is a 12-week study related to Jerry Bridges' classic book, The Pursuit of Holiness.

“Be holy, for I am holy,” commands God. But holiness is something that is often missed in the Christian’s daily life. According to Navigator author Jerry Bridges, that’s because we’re not exactly sure what our part in holiness is. In The Pursuit of Holiness, he helps us see clearly just what we should rely on God to do?and what we should take responsibility for ourselves. As you deepen your relationship with God, learn more about His character, and understand the Holy Spirit’s role in holiness, your spiritual growth will mature.

Facilitators:  Larry & An Heimann

Day / Time:  Thursdays (begins June 4), 8:00pm

Resource:  The Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges  [includes study guide]

  • Click to order on Amazon - Book $12.29 | Kindle $10
  • Click to order on CBD - Book $12 | e-book $10

Registration:  Click here to register

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Paul, and the Philippians with him, lived joyfully in the midst of persecution, prison, and poverty. In this eight-session series, teacher Jo Saxton takes us through Philippians to encourage us to follow Jesus no matter what life throws at us. Through Paul’s words and example, learn how joy and sacrifice can go hand-in-hand.

Facilitator:  Elizabeth Daigle

Day / Time:  Tuesdays (begins June 2), 9:30am  |  7:30pm


  1. Right Now Media [subscribe for free when you register]
  2. Study Guide [download for free via Right Now Media] 

Registration:  Click here to register

The Freedom in Christ course is for every Christian. It is designed to help you break through to a greater level of spiritual maturity, uncover any areas of deception holding you back, resolve personal and spiritual conflicts, and learn strategies to renew your mind and break free from negative thinking and unhelpful patterns of behavior.

The course does not focus on how to behave but on how to believe. It will help you grasp the amazing truth of your new identity in Christ, teach you to uncover and resist the enemy’s deception, and help you move on. It’s not a “quick fix” but it’s likely to revolutionize your Christian life.

Facilitator:  Mary Gregg

Day / Time:  Wednesdays (begins June 3), 7:00pm


1. Freedom in Christ by Neil Anderson & Steve Goss 

  • Click to order from Amazon - Book $9 | Kindle  $6
  • Click to order from CBD - Book $7.50

2.  Freedom in Christ app [download free from your app store]

3.  Right Now Media  [subscribe for free when you register]

Registration:  Click here to register