Simple. Intuitive. Welcoming.

Our new Campus Hub will revolutionize how everyone experiences ACAC.

Visitors will find clarity instead of confusion.
Children will be back home on our campus.

Less hustle and complexity
- more worship, relationship and community.

Exterior Render



Lobby Render

Facts At-A-Glance

- New 30,000 square foot building would have finished basement and ground floor levels, with a second level unfinished shell available for future expansion

- Significant renovations to our existing buildings, including basement of Main Sanctuary for Children, basement of Union Place for Youth, and 1st Floor of Whiteside Building - for a new easily-accessible Nursery

- Earliest construction start would be Fall of 2019. Estimated 18 months to completion

- Conservative cost estimate for new Hub is $7.8 Million. Estimated cost of renovation to existing spaces would be $1.6 Million

- See detailed floor plan documents and the FAQs for further information

First Floor Level

Basement Level

Key Benefits

- New home for our Children's Ministry:

  • Convenient access
  • Safe and secure
  • Newly designed formats for pre-school and grade school
  • $300K/year savings in rent for 4AC, where we are at risk of losing our space

- All of our buildings connected for easy indoor access

- New and exiciting spaces for the Nursery, Student Ministries and Young Adults

- Spacious and inviting central lobby that makes it easy to connect with other and welcomes our guests and visitors

- Large jungle gym in lobby for kids and inviting areas for adults to socialize

- Handicapped accessiblity to virtually all of our spaces