We combine worship and teaching on the weekends with fun and enriching fellowship during the week to help mold young teens into strong faith-filled followers of Jesus.

Service changes for January 19/20

[email protected] service will be held however we are cancelling all Sunday services due to the storm, in the interest of the safety of our congregation and staff. 

Please join us on Live Stream via the web or app at either 10 or 11:30 AM on Sunday morning when we'll show the [email protected] service that includes Pastor Rock's latest message from the book of Daniel.

We encourage those who normally attend on Sunday to gather for worship with your family tomorrow morning in the safety of your home.


Middle School Quest

10am | 11:30am

Quest is a time to get together, worship with peers, and hear the Word.  Student-led worship bands lead us in worship, prayer, and music as a large group each service. Then we break into Sunday school classes lead by an adult leader.  (At 10am, the entire service is for middle school students only.  At 11:30am, we worship together with high school students, then break off into our middle school classes after singing.)


Middle School Blast


During the school year, midweek middle Blast is a fun place for you to connect with friends and learn about Jesus with your peers in a youth group setting.

Upcoming Events

Parent Meeting | January 13

Sunday January 13, 1pm-3pm, Robinson Chapel

Parent meetings are essential if a youth ministry intends to develop a partnership between parents, students, youth leaders and staff. This meeting is just that. It is an opportunity for our SM staff and leaders to partner with parents about how to invest in the lives of students. Join us as we share information about what we are doing and experiencing in the lives of students. We are also looking to hear from you, the parents, about what you are experiencing with students. This way we can learn from one and another and partner to help students grow in faith and in relationship with parents and staff. 


Baptism Class | Febuary 3

Baptism, what is it? Why should I get baptized? What does it mean for me and my faith? These are great questions and we are sure you have more. Join us Sunday, February 3rd and/or May 5th during our 3rd service (11:30am) as we discuss these questions and many more. You don't want to miss this opportunity. 




Broomball | February 10


Sunday, February 10, from 1pm-5pm for Broomball. This a great game where teams will battle it out to see who can score the most goals on the ice, like hockey. The difference is that you use broom-like hockey sticks and wear tennis shoes. You don't want to miss out on this event. 


Bowling | April 5

Friday, April 5th, 6:30-10:30pm

Join us as we pack the house with students to bowl the night away. Enjoy the fun atmosphere filled with great people, music and always great food. Make sure you invite, register and bring as many friends as you can. See who can get the highest score!!!

Write to our Compassion Students

Tips for writing your letter: - Introduce yourself! Talk about your family, pets, hobbies, and why you like being a part of ACAC Student Ministries. - Ask questions! Ask about how school is going, their favorite Bible stories, about their siblings, or their friends. - Talk about your school, or sports you play, or your relationship with Jesus. - Include your favorite Bible verse if you want!

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