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The Burden is Love

Pastor Glenn Hanna - October 12/13

John 20:21 - As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.


1. The burden for unreached people is a burden of love.

2. The Great Commission is a command - not an option!

3. God’s commands are not ultimatums! They are invitations.

4. When we act out of love we are acting like God.

5. God tells us His divine love is superior to that of a nursing mother.

6. God tells us His divine love is superior to that of a loving father.

7. Song of Solomon portrays God as a passionate loving husband.

8. His beloved is you. But His beloved is also every other person on the planet.

9. The Great Commission is an invitation to love as deeply and passionately as Christ Himself.

10. Owning and embracing the passions of God will outlast eternity.

11. God invented passion.


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