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New / One-time Gift

Login / Recurring Gift

If you encounter any issues with the giving tool, or if you have a question that's not answered below or on the Giving FAQs page, please contact the Financial Support Team.

Contact Finance Staff


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A Safe and Easy Way to Support the Ministry of ACAC

  • You may give from your checking or savings account, credit or debit card. 
  • There are no fees to you. ACAC incurs processing fees for all online transactions, but are lowest when you donate using your checking or savings account.
  • You can make a one-time gift or set up a recurring gift.
  • You can give to various designated funds at ACAC. You will see a dropdown of choices to select.

New and One-Time Gift

  • You will have the option to create an account or give as a guest. 

Recurring Gift

  • If you are a member or regular attendee of ACAC, create your account or log in to your already existing account.
  • You can view your current calendar year contributions online, although it may take a few days to be posted to your giving statement. Please note that your online giving history is not your official tax statement. Official tax receipts are mailed annually each January.

Download the Church Life Giving App         

Once you have created an account, please download our free giving app.
Our site number is 94756.


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Other giving options

Besides Online Giving, Here are Additional Ways to Give:


To request envelopes for your in-person or mail giving, please contact the Finance Department.


Thank you for considering a donation of stock or mutual funds to ACAC! Please note that donations must be received into ACAC's account by December 31 to receive a tax deduction for the calender year.

Please see our instructions for stock donations and contact the Finance Department with any questions.

Contact Finance Department


If you would like to donate physical items (equipment, etc) please contact the Finance Department.

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