We bring students together to Experience God and learn about ways to Expand His kingdom. We utilize fun games, passionate worship and challenging teachings to enhance their faith and dependence on God.


High School Opportunities

Explore - Sundays 10am (Beginning February 2nd)

Faith in Action

Many young believers today practice a dangerously brittle faith. There is a need to be led deeper, to a faith rooted not in the personalities of their leaders or the hype of big events, but in a disciplined direct relationship with God. This small group, book study provides practical tools to equip teenagers to pray, study the Bible, live more simply, and discover the value in other ancient disciplines such as fasting, solitude, study, worship and celebration.

Facilitator: Pastor Joseph Oliver

Location: Small Group Room, Student Ministries Office Suite, Whiteside Building


Faith in Action

Sunday Morning Live - Sundays 11:30am
The theme of this year is The Road. We are all on a journey, a road, to where we are searching for hope, joy, peace, love and so much more. On the road, there are joys and sorrows, love and hate, including many other obstacles that life may throw at us. So, we will be going through the scriptures each week teaching about how "The Road" with God is paved with hope if you trust him in faith. So, as a high school student, join us Sunday mornings as study God's word for truth for our journey on the The Road.

Location: Student Ministries, Whiteside 2nd Floor


High School Journey Groups

HS Journey Groups - Alternate Sundays 1 – 3pm
Journey Groups are small groups of students meeting together every other week to dig deeper into the Bible and grow in faith and community.  Journey Groups will resume on January 12th. If you have yet to connect with a journey group and would like more information, please click the link below and one of our Student Ministries staff member will be answer any questions you may have. Looking forward to another season of growing in faith.


Journey Group Registration


High School IGNITE (Resumes on January 15th)

Same name, but new night, new location and new look! Come and join together with a number of high school students from around the city and surrounding areas as we play some fun games, have good food, and hear about how God is with us in the Battle. You don't want to miss a moment of this year's High School IGNITE!!!

IGNITE meets on Wednesdays from 6:30pm-8:30pm.



On Sunday morning during the 10am service, you are probably wondering what you can do when you get to church. Well, you have options. One of those is to join an EXPLORE CLASS. These classes are designed and geared for high school students. If you have questions about faith, issues in the world, creation, science, and tough topics, this is the place you want to be. Check out the list of Explore Class options above under Sunday morning. If there is one that interests you, register for it an show up February 2nd ready to learn. We are excited for this year of classes. You will not be disappointed.

You can meet you teachers in the SM Student Center in the Whiteside building. They will direct you to where your group will meet regularly.




Baptism, what is it? Why should I get baptized? What does it mean for me and my faith? These are great questions and we are sure you have more. Join us Sunday, February 2nd, during our 3rd service (11:30am) on 2nd floor Whiteside as we discuss these questions and any others you might have. Baptisms will take place at the weekend services on February 15th & 16th, and this class is required prior to being baptized at ACAC.





Every once in awhile, we like to go from normal to do something BIG. These BIG NIGHTS involve BIG games, BIG FOOD, BIG prizes and BIG fun! If you don't understand it now, you will understand when you come out for the event. This is for you and your friends to attend this BIG NIGHT! As we get closer, look out for more details of what we have for you. 


Join us for an afternoon of ICE Skating!

Cost: $5

Time: 12:30pm-4:30pm

Location: Schenley Park Ice Skating Rink

10341 Overlook Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15213



Each year we participate in the Spiritual Discipline of Fasting. Students and leaders take part in 30-hour famine. As hunger for food, we prepare our hearts to hunger for more Christ than food. Also during this time, we will be exposed to and have hands on experience with how poverty affects individuals, their communities and countries around the world. As we "walk in the shoes" of those without access to food and clean water, we will be challenged to value what we are blessed with, and to take action for the many who have much less than we do.

Time: 6PM (Friday) -7PM (Saturday)

Location: ACAC (location subject to change)


Every once in awhile, we like to go from normal to do something BIG. These BIG NIGHTS involve BIG games, BIG FOOD, BIG prizes and BIG fun! If you don't understand it now, you will understand when you come out for the event. This is for you and your friends to attend this BIG NIGHT! As we get closer, look out for more details of what we have for you.


Time: 6:30PM-8:30PM

Location: ACAC


This Sunday is a great opportunity to serve our church family and friends in a exceptional way. This is our Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser! On this day, students, along with their adults, will be serving pancakes and sides to the church family who is financially supporting them for the 2020 Summer Mission Opportunites. So, if you are registered for our upcoming Summer Mission Opportunities, you have to be there. If you are not participating in a Summer Mission Opportunities, we would still love for you to join us in serving at the Pancake Breakfast.

If you are student voluntering, we will provide you with time when you will be serving.

Time: 7AM-12:30pm

Location: ACAC, Simpson Hall


Bowling! There is nothing like it. You can hang with friends, be goofy, enjoy good food and have some fun as there is always some "friendly" competition. So, you do not want to miss this opportunity for us to pack out the bowling lanes as we combine Middle School and High School for a night on the lanes. Invite your school friend to join you for this crazy night of fun.


Time: 7:30PM-11:30PM

Location: Noble Manor Lanes




Need to getaway? Are you in need of some time away from the weekly grind? Take this time to register for a phenomenal weekend away. Join together with students from ACAC and our surround C&MA church for a weekend just for you. There are a number of activites you and your friends can participate in from the activities center, sports tournments, upfront games and prizes, outdoor activites and so much more. It is a weekend for you to getaway, be will believers, have fun and be challenged/equipped in ways to mature in your faith. You don't want to miss this always memorable weekend away.


Cost: $110

Time: 5PM (Friday)- 2PM (Sunday)

Location: Vermillion, OH (Beulah Beach Camp)



What an amazing and challenging year it has been? You have witnessed some highs and lows throughout the year. On this Wednesday night, we want to celebrate with you how you still standing. You made it through all the mountains and valleys. This evening is packed with some solid activities for you and your friends to enjoy, quality food and a message to send you into the Summer encouraged in your faith. Come and celebrate with us!

Time: 6:30PM-8:30PM

Location: ACAC

Write to our Compassion Students

Tips for writing your letter: - Introduce yourself! Talk about your family, pets, hobbies, and why you like being a part of ACAC Student Ministries. - Ask questions! Ask about how school is going, their favorite Bible stories, about their siblings, or their friends. - Talk about your school, or sports you play, or your relationship with Jesus. - Include your favorite Bible verse if you want!

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ACAC Collegiate Scholarships

If you have any questions about the forms, the schedule or need assistance to access the forms online, please email Jane Eichenlaub, [email protected]

First Time Scholarship Applicants

If you are a new, first time student you are eligible to apply for the Collegiate Scholarship. You will find the application instructions, scholarship application and the student financial worksheet. Please fill out all of these forms and follow the instructions enclosed.

Forms and Requirements


Forms to Complete

  Student Application

  Financial Worksheet

Information to Obtain and Turn in

  High School / current school transcript

Returning Student Applicants

If you have received collegiate scholarship funds in previous years and are a returning student, you are still eligible to receive funds for the current school year. You will find the application instructions as well as necessary forms here. Please fill out: the application, note of intent for Fall 2018 and the student journey questionnaire.  Follow the instructions enclosed on the forms.

Forms and Requirements


Forms to Complete

  Scholarship Note of Intent

  Student Journey Questionnaire

Information to Obtain and Turn in

  Current School Transcript

Ted Mock Scholarship

If you are currently in college you are eligible to apply for the Ted Mock Spiritual Leadership Award. People have described Pastor Ted with words like "Encouraging, Flexible, Progressive, Leader, Faithful, Humble, Joyful and Honorable." If you feel you possess and exhibit characteristics similar to Ted, take some time apply for the Ted Mock scholarship. Follow the instructions enclosed on the forms.

Forms and Requirements

Forms to Complete

  Ted Mock Reference Form

  Ted Mock Application