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Where is the Children's Ministries located?

Children’s Ministries is located in the tall, white office building (4 Allegheny Center) on the 3rd Floor.

The Nursery (ages 2 and under) is located in the lower level of the Sanctuary.

Please see the "Visit" page for a map of our campus.

How do I enroll my child?

Stop at the Children's Ministries Information Center, located right off of the elevators, and fill out a basic information form. You will be given a nametag for your child. For children ages 2-kindergarten, you will be given a security tag that will need to be given to the teacher when you pick up your child. For grades 1-5, your child will be released from class once it is over. We suggest that you pick a spot to meet up with them in our kitchen area or near the Children's Ministries Information Center.

Where do I park?

There are various parking options around the church property. The parking lot immediately behind the main church building is available for visitors. You can also park in the parking garage after your first visit (see below).

How do I get a Parking Pass for the garage?

Stop by any of the Information Centers in the main building. Union Place, Nursery, or Children's Ministries. Fill out a short card and you will revieve a sticker to put on the back of your rearview mirror. The sticker on your mirror allows you to enter the parking garage during Weekend Services or Kid's Clubs.

How do I get into the 4 Allegheny Center (4AC) building?

Parents of our enrolled children will wear "Parent Nametags" (see below). If you are a visitor, stop and see our staff in the lobby, and they will give you a temporary sticker to wear to get you into Children's Ministries for the day. Please leave your sticker on for your whole visit to our floor.

How do I get a Parent Nametag?

Once your child is enrolled you will receive one in the mail. This is part of our security, as we can see when strangers enter the building (4AC) immediately. You can pick up a lanyard in the 4AC lobby. If you forget your nametag, you will be asked to sign in and wear a visitor pass.

How do I pick up my child?

Only the person with the security tag will be able to pick up your child. If you can't find or don't have your security tag, the child will only be released after the teacher checks in with the Children's Ministries Information Center.

What if my child needs me?

We will text you if your child needs you. We will put your cell number on your child's nametag. Please leave your phone on silent while you are in a service.

What are the rules of the class?

We teach the kids to be kind and be safe. These rules ensure everyone has a great day.

Does my child need to be potty trained?

No, but we will only change your child if it is absolutely necessary. Please do not send diaper bags with your child. We have diapers on hand.

Can my child attend two services?

Absolutely. Children's Ministries is structured so that your child can attend both Sunday School and Children's Church. Preschool children remain in the same room for both services but will have different teachers. Your child will be taught the same subject during both services.