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Dear ACAC Family,

Welcome to our “Expanded Influence Faith Campaign!” It’s a community exercise; something we’ll be doing together. And it’s first and foremost about pleasing God!

Scripture states it’s impossible to please God without faith. Not difficult - impossible! If we believe God is who He says He is, we’ll believe He rewards those who trust Him. We’ll believe He’s able – and eager - to turn our hopes into reality, even when our circumstances suggest otherwise. We’ll believe His guidance is always accompanied by His provision.

I learned the importance of faith early in life, by watching my father trust God. I watched him make life decisions and financial commitments that defied his circumstances. And in every instance, I saw God provide. That, in turn, always led to dad starting the cycle all over again by taking even bigger risks. I learned faith is like a muscle; it must be exercised if you want it to increase in strength.

God doesn’t call anyone to be a spectator! As we pursue the funding necessary to translate the Expanded Influence vision into reality all will have an important role to play. There are no little people in the Kingdom. The material in this folder is intended to help you discern your role by helping you to think “outside the box.” Because that’s where you’ll find God!

He’s never confined to our resources or limited by our circumstances. My father discovered that repeatedly, and my hope is you’ll discover it as well.  Then, three years from now we’ll find ourselves positioned with adequate facilities, adequate finances, and increased faith. And that’s a combination that pleases God!

Grace and peace (and increased faith),

Pastor Rock Dillaman


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