Our aim is to use our talents for the glory of God and have fun while doing it. Those who serve do so in a variety of ways, namely as part of the Worship (Music & Live Production) and Communications ministries. Not only do we pray you are blessed by the work of our hands, but also for you to find your place in telling the redemption story that began with the words, “In the beginning God created . . . ”


The Music Ministry’s goal is to fill the house with the fragrance of worship to Jesus. This group of talented people know the difference between performance and worship, and they aspire to lay their gifts before Jesus during every gathering. Team members serve the entire church by way of music, including Kids, Students, and Young Adult ministries.

Live Production

The Live Production Ministry works behind the scenes toward the end of “filling the house.” This group recognizes the significance of creating environments for people to encounter God, whether in-person or online. With varying levels of expertise, this team embodies Christlike servitude and joy.


The Communications Ministry is a group of individuals with a passion for telling God’s story with excellence. They lend their talents as designers, photographers, videographers and more to ensure the church is heard amidst a noisy world. From professionals to those who are growing in their craft, team members collaborate to convey the beauty of Christ through every medium.