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Pastor Rock Dillaman, Pastor Sheldon Williams, Pastor Ross Owens, Sheran White, and Pastor Alan Hannah have a courageous conversation about race, our community, and the church. 

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Continuing the Conversation

Below is a list of videos, books, and movies one can watch to better understand racism, systemic racism, and its history.

Some of the resources listed below are from a secular viewpoint. Their inclusion does not constitute ACAC’s endorsement. In our opinion their assessment of contributing factors is incomplete and their suggested solutions deficient and in some cases unacceptable. They fail to consider the reality of human sinfulness that births racism, the reality of God’s salvation that constitutes the only complete and enduring solution, the empowerment of the Spirit necessary for effective engagement, and the love of God that prevents new evils in response to old ones. That being said, they do offer historical reviews, first-hand testimony, and insights the church needs to both hear and understand. Absent those understandings our assessments of contributing factors will likely be incomplete and our suggested solutions deficient and unacceptable.

Those who would effectively combat spiritual evil must understand its roots run deep in individual hearts and also in corporate culture. If our only answer to racism is individual salvation we are doomed to fail, for Jesus made it clear more will reject Him than follow Him!

YouTube Videos:



    • Oneness Embraced, Tony Evans
    • White Awake, Daniel Hill
    • Let Justice Roll Down, John Perkins
    • The Color of Compromise: Jemar Tisby
    • Race Talk and the Conspiracy of Silence, Derald Wing Sue
    • One Blood: Parting Words to the Church on Race and Love, John Perkins
    • The Third Way, Miles McPherson
    • Woke Church, Eric Mason
    • The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander
    • Insider Outsider, Bryan Loritts
    • Why Are All Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria, Beverly Daniel Tatum
    • Between the World and Me, Ta-Nehisi Coates, 
    • Our Separate Ways, Ella Bell and Stella Nkomo



    • Just Mercy 
    • Selma
    • 12 Years of Slave
    • The Help
    • Hidden Figures
    • Harriett
    • 13th (Netflix Documentary)
    • When They See Us (Netflix Documentary)
    • I Am Not Your Negro 
    • Roots