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ACAC All Church

Prayer Service

Ministry Launch

September 1, 2021

It is by FAITH that we Launch Ministries


WELCOME                                                                                                    Pastor Marvin                                                                                              



  1. Executive Team                                                                        Pastor Ross
    1. ACAC to be a place where people give their life to Jesus Christ on a regular basis.
    2. ACAC to be a place of healing, deliverance, and reconciliation.
    3. Discernment on how we can continue to serve our community. 
    4. Our congregational leaders and volunteers who work tirelessly in the background. 
    5. Our ministry partners who collaborate with us to run errands for the Holy Spirit.
    6. A successful construction season and a project that is on-time and on budget.



  1. Adult Life Ministries                                                               Pastor Marvin
    1. Greater engagement of adults in the overall disciple making efforts of ACAC.
    2. God to superintend all what happens at Man Camp and that Men’s lives will changed.
    3. Women’s Bible Study Kick off that all would come together, and Women’s lives will be changed.
    4. That God would grow the Congregational Care ministry to better touch the lives of ACAC and the community with God’s love.
    5. That God would grow the Community Care ministry so that God will be praised for meeting the needs of our congregation and community.
    6. That God would continue to grow the relationships and spiritual development of our staff.



III.            Student Ministries                                                                  Pastor Joe            

Children’s Ministries

    1. The After School Program  training starts next week and then we bring the kids in on the 8th. Pray for the general return to the routine of an in-person school year for the kids. Pray for strong relationships to form and for families to be blessed. Pray that we would follow in the Holy Spirit’s guidance.
    2. Pray for our local school districts and school boards to make wise decisions for our children’s safety concerning COVID. Please pray for consistency in education and safety in transportation.
    3. Pray all our  kids are able to get adjusted to their new classes as they move up this week.  It has been hard on them with COVID . 
    4. Pray our new families are able to get connected to ACAC.  Pray for strong relationships to be built with our leaders and kids. 
    5. The CM team needs continued unity and clear vision as we are in an ever changing season. 
    6. Our staff team needs innovative and fresh ideas accompanied with joy as lead our families and volunteers through construction. 
    7. Pray for the health of our staff and families.   
    8. Pray for upcoming family events we have planned.  
    9. Please pray for our kids as they promote into new grades here at ACAC. Pray especially for the 5th graders moving up to Student Ministries, Kindergarteners starting in Grade School, and 2 year olds coming from the nursery to Preschool. Transitions have been hard this year and these are big steps for our kids. 




INDIVIDUAL PRAYER                                                                                 Pastor Marvin

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