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Caring for our church family

Caring for the needs of those who call ACAC their church home is something we take very seriously. Whether its a time of joy like preparing for and entering into marriage or a time of difficulty such as arranging the funeral of a loved one - it takes a focused effort to be there for you with the training and resources needed.

For that reason, we have dedicated pastors and a trained care team ready to help and intercede on behalf of our church family during such times.

Here are the areas where our Congregational Care team members are involved:

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Visitation is available to our ACAC congregants who are shut-in, in the hospital, or in rehab.  People who are unable to regularly attend church or church-related activities are included in the list of those who are eligible to be visited.  Visitation most often occurs when family, friends, or the person requesting to be visited contacts ACAC with the details of the need.  Visits are done by pastors and volunteers.

Please contact Pastor George Furman | 412-321-4333 x364.


Never underestimate the power of prayer. Every week our team is available before and after services in our Prayer Room, located just off the back lobby of our sanctuary. But we don't stop on Sundays. If you desire prayer, simply let us know and we can arrange a time to pray over you either in person or by phone.

To request care, please fill out this form.

Funeral Arranging/Officiating

We often help people with all the details of arranging a loved one's funeral - whether it takes place at ACAC or elsewhere. We have experience and a network that can help you with the details and decisions that must be navigated during a time of grief and shock.

Several of our pastors on staff officiate funerals throughout the year as well.

To request care, please contact Sheran White |  412-321-4333 x332

Premarital Counseling

We want to make sure our couples are prepared for marriage from a biblical standpoint and that they've carefully considered all the factors in deciding the right marriage partner for life. All couples wishing to be married by a pastor at ACAC must first complete our premarital counseling program.

To inquire, please contact Pastor George Furman 412-321-4333 x364


There are several steps in addition to premarital counseling that must take place when planning a marriage through ACAC. Many pastors on our staff regularly perform weddings, and our facilities are available for rental to members and regular attenders of our church family.

For more information, please contact Pastor George Furman 412-321-4333 x364

The first step toward holding a wedding ceremony at ACAC is to arrange an initial interview with a pastor. This is intended for your protection and blessing. Marriage covenants must adhere to the teachings of Scripture if they are to enjoy God’s blessing. Toward that end, the interviewing pastor will inquire regarding matters such as your mutual faith in Christ, any previous marital experiences, your family dynamics, and your current living circumstances. If everything is in order before God’s Word, you will be formally approved for marriage at ACAC. Please note, this interview should occur before you make any formal announcement of your wedding, reserve any facilities, or contract any service providers. Should the guidelines of Scripture necessitate any delay or reconsideration, we want to spare you any possible financial loss or social embarrassment. To arrange the initial interview, please fill out the form below.  When you submit the form - we will receive a notification and Julie Federer will contact you to schedule the initial interview with a pastor.

Wedding Application      Address Update Form  


Do you have COVID? Need help with meals and errands? Or need prayer or just someone to talk to? Please fill out this form and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

COVID Help Form