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The Bible's First Sermon

Pastor Rock Dillaman - Feb. 15/16


1. The Bible’s opening lines declare a world view most in the world don’t want to view!

2. Genesis’ opening lines declare we’re not alone and we’re not in charge!

3. You can’t live an abundant life out of Eden until you understand what it means to be out of Eden!

4. A life that doesn’t recognize the reality of God is one of constant effort but continuing frustration.

5. The knowledge of God’s existence and sovereignty is the starting point of hope!

6. If a God who predates the world made both us and the world there is hope for the world and for us.

7. We won’t hope for better until we have a better understanding of God, and we won’t begin the journey out of our limitations until we know an unlimited God is with us.

8. Genesis isn’t first and foremost a scientific rebuttal to those who prefer to embrace unbelief; it’s a message of hope to those who desire to escape despair.

9. Scripture’s first sermon presented a God of power to a people who felt powerless.

10. Man-centered arrogance will always seek to discredit a God-centered revelation.

11. When hope has come to an end there is a God who specializes in creative beginnings.


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