Frequently Asked Questions

We want to hear from you! Please email any questions or concerns you may have about Next Gen to our communications team and we'll keep building this FAQ resource as a way for everyone to get answers ahead of the congregational vote. 

Pastor Rock addressed several of the most common questions we've heard during a Facebook Live session on 2/20. If you missed it, go to our Facebook page or look below in the Publications sections for links to the transcript and the audio file.

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What is Next Gen and how does it relate to Expanded Influence and what we've been hearing about until now?

Expanded Influence has nine components and until now, we've focused on the 2 foundational spiritual components of Holy Spirit in us and Holy Spirit through us, through initiatives like 91 Weeks with the Holy Spirit. We've also done initial groundwork with the next three components - the 3Cs of Communications, Church Planting and Campus Redesign.

Next Gen is all about making the 3Cs fully happen over the next three years, so it's the next phase of the Expanded Influence vision but also these 3Cs will allow us to equip the next generation of ministry at ACAC.

How can I get informed and prepared for the congregational vote on March 3 & 4?

We encourage everyone to attend at least one follow up live meeting during the month of February. The details of these meetings can be found by clicking on 'Key Dates' in the next section of this page.

Also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram for more updates and news. We'll post all the information on this set of web pages and continually update the FAQs as we learn and respond to questions from the congregation.

What are the issues we're voting on?

The three issues we're holding a vote on are:

1 - Do you approve of moving forward with constructing a $7.8 Million Campus Hub? This Hub would be home to a new Children's Ministry and would also connect and simplify our campus.

2 - Do you approve of holding a capital campaign to fund the overall $9.8 Million investment into Communications, Church Planting and Campus Redesign.

3 - Do you approve of the church borrowing funds to help cover costs - either short-term or long-term?

Check out the Sample Ballot document in the next section for more details.

What is the status of the parking garage we've heard about?

We remain optimstic about the prospects of a new garage on our property, but it's on its own time table from the rest of our campus redesign proposal. We're still in active negotiations with the hospital about the garage, but we're not ready to bring details forward to the congregation. 

In the meantime, we can't put off the need for creating a new home for Children's Ministry as our space in 4AC is at risk of being lost. And we need to simplify and improve the weekend experience for our people as well as visitors and guests. See 'Parking Garage Update' below for more details.

Can I vote if I'm not able to make services on March 3-4?

Yes, we are offering absentee balloting. Absentee ballots are available at lobby information desks starting the weekend of 2/24-25, or you may email [email protected] to have one emailed to you. All absentee ballots must be returned to the church office or postmarked by March 3rd to be considered.

Can non-members cast a vote?

Yes, we are asking all members AND regular attenders to participate in this vote. Everyone must provide their name and membership status on their ballots and our bylaws require that we track member voting. For our annual election of officers we limit that voting to members. However, in elections such as this that require input from everyone because it affects everyone, we wish to hear from both members and non-members on the issues at hand.

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