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The Christian Counselors Collaborative

The Christian Counselors Collaborative (CCC) at ACAC is a non-profit organization which provides professional counseling for families, children, and individuals, with the Christian faith walk applied in the counseling process, as desired by the counselee. This is available to anyone in the ACAC church family, and to anyone who does not attend ACAC, in the Pittsburgh area, and the surrounding counties. 

The CCC is located in the Union Place Building at ACAC (4th floor), and is made up of therapists from ACAC, the Pittsburgh Pastoral Institute, and independent therapists in private practice.  All therapists share the same faith in Christ as Savior and Lord, and a desire to work with clients in a spiritual context relevant to their Christian faith.

If you want to inquire about counseling, even if you are not sure you want it, click here

Vision Statement of the CCC:  "We share a vision to minister to those struggling with emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues through professional counseling.  As therapists who have a personal relationship and walk with Jesus Christ, we come together in this unique collaborative to serve God as a community of Christian therapists, counseling clients with professionalism, dignity, cultural sensitivity, and love."

  • To provide competent, professional therapy for all seekers, Christian and non-Christian.
  • To provide a Christian context for counseling for those who seek application of their Christian faith.
  • To provide counseling to all who seek it, regardless of ability to pay, as funding and therapist availability permit."