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Do Christians ever need counseling?

Although Christians have the knowledge of truth through scripture, and by abiding in the grace and love of Jesus Christ, we are also fallen creatures, in need of His healing and direction.  Sometimes we need guidance in dealing with times of suffering, challenge, and distress, whether emotional or spiritual.  Counseling can be very helpful in this process.

Doesn't the Bible answer all our needs? 

Indeed, the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, and has all the instruction we need.  But it can help to have someone walk us through the healing process.  Proverbs speaks often that gaining knowledge, understanding, and wisdom brings more 'profit' than silver or gold.  Christian counseling is one way to bring understanding in difficult times.

Do the therapists share the same beliefs as I do? 

All the professional counselors at the CCC are born-again Christians who love Jesus Christ and desire to bring His healing to others.  The same is true for our lay counselors, who are actually part of the ACAC church family.

What should I expect from counseling?

The therapist or lay counselor will want to work on goals that you define together, based on what your main concerns are.  Some people come to counseling because they are suffering with an emotional condition, such as depression, anxiety, or grief.  Others come to counseling because of stresses in their relationships with people they love, such as a spouse, children, or parents.  You are the one to determine what you want to discuss, and how much you want to incorporate your walk with Christ into the process.

What about confidentiality? 

The professional counselors are bound to confidentiality in counseling with you.  They cannot talk to anyone else about your counseling without your permission and knowledge.  Those who are lay counselors also abide by the same confidentiality. If your counselor wants the support of any pastor or leader you are involved with, you would have to give permission for this.  The only exception to the confidentiality rule is if you threaten to put yourself or anyone else in danger.  Then, whether lay or professional, the counselor's goal would be to protect you and/or others.

Do I have to belong to ACAC to get counseling? 

No, you do not have to be a member or attend ACAC to receive counseling at the CCC.

What does it cost? 

When you call our intake number 1-855-222-2575, our Intake Coordinator, Carol Landfried will talk with you about your concern and about the charge for counseling.  We desire that all who seek counseling will be able to receive it so we work hard to make counseling affordable. If you have insurance, we try to use your insurance. For those who qualify, we have some limited financial support to assist in the cost of counseling.