October 2017 update

Campus Hub and Children’s Ministry: We are moving ahead with planning for a new campus hub facility to connect our current buildings and make it easier for guests and regular attenders to understand and navigate our campus. The new friendship hub will allow us to bring our Children’s Ministry back to our main campus and include large and inviting spaces for meeting and connecting with family and friends.

Sanctuary: Although the idea has been thoroughly studied, we currently aren’t considering a new sanctuary building due primarily to long-term strategic considerations. However, you can anticipate some incremental improvements to our existing sanctuary as part of the overall campus redesign plans.

Parking Garage: The past year has witnessed many changes in the prospects for building a new multi-level parking garage in partnership with Allegheny Health Network (AHN) on our lot. As recently as April 2017, we reported the project was indefinitely on hold. But in recent weeks, at the insistence of local neighborhood groups who see the proposed garage as a blessing to the church and to the community, AHN is once again signaling support for this project. Stay tuned and keep praying!