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ACAC Prayer and Fasting Survey

1) As you’re fasting and praying, is the Lord impressing anything on your heart or mind? If so, please let us know.
2) Do you have any questions?

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Fasting & Prayer 2016

ACAC Fasting for Initiative

ACAC Fasting for Initiative #2 - the Expanded Influence of the Holy Spirit Through Us

Focus – Make a list of six to ten lost people in your family and sphere of influence. Pray for the salvation of all daily or focus on one at a time.

  • Ask God to create a heightened sense of spiritual need in their heart and a growing unrest and disillusionment of life without Jesus.

  • Ask God to foster an increasing hunger for Himself within their soul. Ask God to bring other believers across their path
    who will obediently plant seeds of truth and demonstrate His love.

  • Pray that believers crossing their path, including you, will be discerning, sensitive, bold, patient, and obedient.

  • Ask that believers in their life would have increased favor in their sight. Pray for the destruction of fear, pride and other barriers to belief.


As you pray watch for answers; don’t be surprised by them!


Fasting for Expanded Influence Initiatives #1 and #s 3-5

Focus - Communications, Church planting, Campus expansion. Please pray over each of these on a regular basis. Ask that we would accurately discern:

  • God’s perfect timing

  • God’s perfect strategy

  • God’s perfect models

  • God’s perfect leaders and staff

  • God’s perfect partnerships

  • God’s perfect provision

  • Ask that God would grant us favor where it will be needed – in the community and with potential partners

  • Ask that Satan’s every effort at defeating us will be turned into a victory and progress!

  • Ask that God would raise up the substantial financial provisions this vision will require.

  • Ask that He would protect the spiritual health and resources of our people.

  • Ask that He would protect our leadership as they will be prime targets!

  • Ask God to increase your faith and courage as we are no stronger than our weakest links.

  • And ask God to help us keep the main thing the main thing throughout this process - the growth of His kingdom now and in the future, here and everywhere.


Now let’s fast and pray!

Pastor Rock