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Rob Reimer
Senior Pastor
South Shore Alliance Church

Rob is the founder and senior pastor of South Shore Community Church in Brockton, MA.  An engaging speaker, author, and teacher, Rob offers uncompromising boldness in his passion to see the Church renewed, revived, and restored in the power and authority of the Spirit of God.  He believes to his core that, "The church is not a building.  It is the people of God carrying the presence of God manifesting the Kingdom of God for the glory of God."   To that end he relentlessly labors.  Rob is also an adjunct professor at Alliance Theological Seminary.

Rob and his wife, Jen, live in Bridgewater, MA. 


Martin Sanders
Global Leadership, Inc.

The Founder and President of Global Leadership, Inc. and director of the Doctor of Ministry program at Alliance Theological Seminary, Dr. Martin Sanders has made a lifestyle out of investing in others.  Martin has the vision, passion, and skills to see development in leaders at both the local and global levels.  He taught at Canadian Theological Seminary in Regina, Saskatchewan, and over 20 years at Alliance Theological Seminary in Nyack, NY.

Global Leadership Inc., is a non-profit organization designed to develop the next generation of leaders internationally.  Dr. Sanders has written a number of books and is a sought after speaker around the world.  With remarkable insight, powerful communication skills, and the rare ability to be cross-culturally relevant, Martin has been developing leaders to become effective in communication and relational skills.

Martin and his late wife, Dianna, have four grown children who are spread out across the country: a minister, a social worker, a writer, and a lawyer.


Session Descriptions

Intro to Soul Care: Often what blocks our spiritual journey from going deeper, getting closer to God, and growing more mature are soul issues, but when we address those issues we reach new levels.

Healing Wounds: Everyone gets hurt, and emotionally bruised in life; it’s only a matter of degree. Jesus not only died to forgive our sins, He died to heal our pain.

Intimacy with God: How do we develop a closer, deeper relationship with God?

Overcoming Fear: The most common command given in Scripture is, “Fear not!” The people of God make more mistakes in times of fear than at any other time. We will look at how fear affects us, and how to overcome.

Religious Spirit: What is a religious spirit? How do we break it?

Forgiveness: We need to forgive those who sin against us — we will look at why we should, and how we can forgive those who sin against us.

Overcoming Lies: What we believe about ourselves is the foundation of our lives. If we build our lives on a faulty foundation, the house will be unstable. If we hold on to the truth about who we are in Christ, we will walk in freedom.

Deliverance: Satan came to kill, steal, and destroy. Jesus came to set the captives free. Jesus can set us free from demonic strongholds.

Deprivations: We live in a fallen world and are a product of imperfect homes that leave us with some emotional deprivations that must be addressed in order to be free and full.

Family Sin Patterns: The sins of the parents visit their children. Family sin patterns are reinforced behaviors that are more difficult to break, but Jesus can set us free.

 Repentance: In order to draw near to God we must walk in the light with God and others and receive forgiveness deep within our souls to break free from the bonds of shame.

Father Wounds & Blessing: We will look at fathering styles that leave us wounded, and how the Father in Heaven can overcome our father wounds.