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  In Acts 6 the early church appointed the first deacons to provide loving service and support to brothers and sisters in physical and financial need.  Our Deacons are their spiritual descendents and play an extremely important, often difficult, and almost always appreciated role as our first-line "ministers of mercy."  These men and women administer and distribute the Benevolent Funds of the church.  The Deacon Board meets every other week, and each Deacon is personally connected to specific individuals and families in need.

To contact the Deacons, please call the church at 412-321-4333 and ask to be connected to ext. 128.


2015 - 2016 Deacons

Tim Davis*, Iris Goshay*, Juan Lacy, Michael Lightfoot, Vince Mayfield, Roberta McHenry, Raney Owens, Tony Rich, Carol Scott, Jose Stennett, Augie Toth*, Sauntee Turner, Gail Warner, and Crystal White

*Finance Team overseeing expenditures from the Benevolent Fund.