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Rivers Casino on the North Side

Gambling may look like harmless entertainment, but gambling can easily become an addiction equal to any alcohol or drug addiction.  Some relevant statistics include:

  • Problem gambling doubles within 10 miles of a gambling facility, according to a study published in 2004, which included a nationwide survey of 2,631 adults.
  • Survey results have shown that 23 percent of Allegheny County residents have a friend or family member who gambled too much in the past year, and that 25 percent of Pennsylvania high schoolers gamble.

So what will happen with the new casino in our midst?  More people will succumb to the addiction of gambling.  It is very important for you to know what that is, and how to address it, for either yourself, or for loved ones in  your life.  Please refer to the folloiwng links and information to educate yourself and to see what resources are available to help you overcome a gambling addiction.

We have a counseling program right here at ACAC, with several therapists who have certification specifically in gambling addiction counseling.  We also have a Christian 12-step support group for addiction.  If you already know you want help, please click on this link and you can make an appointment to get started on your recovery. For more information and resources about gambling and gambling addiction, please see the links below.  We pray the Lord will encourage your heart in seeking help for yourself or for a loved one.

The following video links introduce you to real people who have been addicted to gambling.

A Christian huband who became addicted to gambling

An Ex-Addict's Plea

The links below provide specific information about gambling addiction:

Questions to assess if you have a gambling problem

Local meetings for Gamblers Anonymous