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Time and Talent

Click this link to view all 4 sessions of Time and Talent online.

Note:  The handouts for all 4 sessions of Time and Talent are posted below.

Treasure Principle

Click this link to view all 4 sessions of Treasure Principle via RightNow media.

Note:  The handouts for all 4 sessions of The Treasure Principle are posted below.

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How to Manage Your Roster
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8 Good Reasons Why We Track

Know the Word Devotional Series (91 Weeks with Jesus)

Click here for online daily devotions that will take you through the Bible in 91 weeks.  Many in our church have signed up to journey together through 91 Weeks with Jesus which began Feb. 1, 2015 and will end Oct. 29, 2016.  You may join the journey at any time.  At the link above, you have the ability to print out the daily readings, study guides, or quizzes as well as listen to the audio of Pastor Soper as he explains the daily passage.  The Password is available at the Connection Hub or by calling x101 or 102.  The 91 Weeks page provides a Scripture Reading Guide if you want to journey with us and links to Pastor Soper's website.  There are also android and iphone apps  called Mission 119 which may be downloaded for free at the app store.
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