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ACAC Mission Partnerships

These partnerships each have unique designs and ministry objectives, but are similar in that they offer opportunities for ACAC members to make significant contributions to the ministries of our international partners, perhaps by participating in short term mission trips to these lands. In return, participants invariably see the Lord enlarge their hearts and stretch their understanding concerning His great love for every person in every people group around the world. (John 3:16)  

Below we offer a brief introduction to each of our mission partnerships. For more information, or to inquire as to how you can serve in the work of the partnership or as part of an upcoming short term mission team, please contact the Missions Department. 


Cambodia Partnership

 The very name whispers stories of unfathomable tragedy into our ears.  You may have heard them: In the mid 1970’s the Khmer Rouge, a hyper- communist political group gained military power and seized control of the capitol city, Phnom Penh... Read more





Kenya Partnership

The newest of our 3 ACAC Mission Partnerships centers on work in the West African nation of Kenya. Gospel Messengers, Dr. Chuck and Amy Bemm (and their children), serve with World Gospel Mission at the very highly regarded Tenwek Hospital in Kenya. However, apart from their work at the hospital, the Bemms have volunteered their time to work with several orphanages located in communities not far from Tenwek... Read More




Paraguay Partnership: Developing

The Alliance began ministry in Paraguay in 1960 with missionaries from Argentina. For 35 years there was only one church. Through various outreaches the Body of believers has grown to include five Alliance churches, which officially received national church status in 2005. Read more






Syri@ Partnership

ACAC partners with the national Christian & Missionary Alliance Church in the nation of Syri@ in their efforts to shine the light of the gospel in this predominantly Muslim land. There are approximately 17 C&MA churches in Syri@, all part of a small evangelical presence that represents approx. 1% of the total population... Read more