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Adult Life Ministries

Welcome to ALM! 

Our desire is to help you become a disciple of Jesus.

The word "disciple" literally means "a learner."  The Bible paints a picture of a disciple as "one who follows another person's teaching."  In fact, disciples in the Bible were not just learners, they were imitators of Jesus.

Our desire is for you to be transformed — inside and out — into a reflection of Jesus.  We believe that this is best done, not alone, but in community with others as we participate together in four threads — WORSHIP, GROWTH, SERVICE, and SHARING. 

Know the Word Devotional Series (91 Weeks with the Holy Spirit)

Click here for Know the Word, online daily devotions created by Pastor John Soper that will take you through the Bible in 91 weeks.
Many in our church have signed up for 91 Weeks with the Holy Spirit and are journeying with us through the Bible using Know the Word.  You may begin the series at any time.  We are pointing people to Pastor Soper's new website, .    He also has apps for iphone/ipad or android called Mission 119 which may downloaded for free at their app stores.  The link above will take you to our 91 Weeks page which has complete details and links to various resources.