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Expanded Influence by Pastor Rockwell Dillaman

What is Expanded Influence?  First and foremost it’s a matter of stewardship.  Where God has blessed us freely He expects us to freely pass that blessing on to others.  Many individuals and churches would be helped in growth and mission if we were to share the valuable lessons God has taught us about reconciliation, diversity, holistic ministry, community development and other matters.  But we must be intentional about making those lessons available.  Towards that end I believe God is calling us to:

  1. Allow the Holy Spirit to expand God’s restoring work in our hearts, both individually and collectively.
  2. Expand our influence with unsaved family, friends and acquaintances. We will be encouraging everyone to make a list of three people God wants you to impact, then pray and look for opportunities to witness, or to invite them to ACAC.
  3. Create additional room for people to find Jesus and grow in Jesus as part of our faith community.  We have been on a numerical plateau for several years due to lack of space at our most popular hours.  We must remove that barrier by any means possible, including, but not limited to creating new worship venues on campus and adding to our seating capabilities through sensible expansion.
  4. Use technology, media and broadcasting to have increased impact upon our own people and people outside our neighborhood and region.
  5. Replicate the ACAC model of ministry in other neighborhoods of our city that face many of the same challenges as the North Side.  This would be carried out by planting ACAC satellites in cooperation with UIF. 
  6. Add to our community development initiatives as God directs and identify additional strategic neighborhood partnerships.
  7. Help pastors and ministry leaders from other communities and even nations replicate the model God has revealed and developed at ACAC over many years.  This would be done by means of conferences on site and by means of technology.
  8. Aggressively mentor the next generation of Kingdom leadership, and, finally
  9. Grow Christ’s work around the world with new mission partnerships and greater involvement of our congregation in Great Commission work.

But expanded influence will require expanded participation in God’s work and expanded financial resourcing - by and through each of us.  Pastoral leadership is simply asking you to prayerfully consider your part.