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THREADS: An Allegheny Center Alliance Church Disciple Making Process

The threads that connect us to God, to one another, to our mission and purpose, and to our world in need.

Following Jesus in diverse community is our mission at ACAC. By its very nature, following Jesus (i.e., discipleship) is a dynamic and transformational process. As a result, there is no rote formula for following Jesus, but there are certain key components - we call them Threads - that position us for transformation. They are Worship... Grow... Serve... Share... At ACAC, these four are the Threads that connect us to God, to one another, to our mission and purpose, and to our world in need.

Four Threads
Our hope is that you, who call ACAC your church home, will engage all four of these Threads on a regular weekly basis. 

To listen to Pastor Rock's five part message on Threads - Worship, Grow, Serve, and Share click here

Our urban contemporary style of worship is expressive and biblical. We are committed to communicating God's compassion, justice, and transforming power that are then expressed in the words and deeds of our church family.

We're committed to modeling His kingdom as an intentionally diverse church family - ethnically, socially, and economically. It is in this kind of atmosphere that the Gospel of reconciliation to God and to each other begins and is nurtured.

To explore worship at ACAC further, click here or on the Worship logo.