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FREE Home Buying Workshop


Care Connections  offers a course several times a year on basic finances. Such topics as the art of budgeting, banking, credit and saving & investing will be discussed. Please watch the website and bulletin for the next workshop.

ACAC's Care Connections Ministries Testimony

Care Connections Office Relocation

The Care Connections Office is officially on the 1st floor of the Union Place building near the receptionist desk. It was formerly known as room 104 and was the volunteer office for our office team for a number of years.  However, recently we have designed the room to fit the need of all the ministries that are under the umbrella of Care Connections. Those ministries are the following:

Care Connections Office In-Take workers

Deacons Ministry

After Care Jail and Prison Ministry

Young Professionals Mentoring Program

Community relations

Care Connections Staff will be available Sunday through Friday to meet the needs of those seeking assistance. Our office hours are as follows:

Sunday, 9:00am– 2:00pm

Volunteer Hours

Monday thru Friday, 11am – 5:00pm

Saturday, closed


ACAC's Care Connections Ministries

ACAC's Care Connections Ministries reaches out into the community to extend the loving hand of Jesus Christ, meeting people in the midst of their trials.  Loleda Moman is the Director of ACAC's Care Connections Ministries, and leads a team of volunteers who feel called to minister to the needs of people in this way. 

If you are part of the church family at ACAC, you can receive hands-on support from a Care Manager on the Care Connections team.  If you are not part of the ACAC church family, and have a need, you can receive support through referrals to appropriate resources in the local community.  In all cases, we seek to minister to the whole person-body, soul and mind. 

If you are in need, and would like to see if ACAC's Care Connections Ministries can help you, please call 412.321.4333 x 124.  Or, you can email Loleda Moman. You can contact the same phone and email if you are interested in serving in this ministry! 

Mission Statement:  "ACAC's Care Connections Ministries strives to minister to families and individuals seeking the physical basic needs for everyday life, such as housing, shelter, employment, and food, by linking them to the appropriate resources.  We strive to come together in relationship with each family or individual by showing the compassion and love of Jesus Christ." 

Vision Statement:  "The vision for ACAC's Care Connections Ministries is to focus primarily on the needs of the church and North Side community by utilizing partnerships with social agencies, utilizing the individual's own resources, developing strategies, and by using a Christian-based perspective to enhance and empower the North Side community.

Along with this vision, we hold to the following goals:

  • To provide a caring team of volunteers to come alongside each family or individual, Christian and non-Christian.
  • To implement a strategic plan to obtain the desired goal of all families and individuals.
  • To provide an opportunity to grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically in his or her Christian faith."