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ACAC Ministries

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 worship   ACAC’s urban contemporary style of worship is expressive and biblical. We are committed to communicating God's compassion, justice, and transforming power that are then expressed in the words and deeds of our church family. We're committed to modeling His kingdom as an intentionally diverse church family - ethnically, socially, and economically. It is in this kind of atmosphere that the Gospel of reconciliation to God and to each other begins and is nurtured.


  ACAC’s influence reaches far beyond the North Side and the greater Pittsburgh area as we remain obedient to Christ’s command to go and make disciples among all peoples of the earth.  We currently support 22 individuals and families who have gone out from this congregation seeking to make disciples in our community, nation and world.


We desire to use the gifts and resources God has entrusted to us in order to serve in significant and meaningful ways. The ministries within our church, as well as many community-minded and mission opportunities, provide ample areas for the congregation to participate and serve.

adult life

  There are multiple avenues for growth and service within Adult Life Ministries at ACAC. In addition to Women's and Men's ministries, we have ministries for young adults, singles, single parent families, seniors and more.

children's ministry


At ACAC, Growth Groups are the backbone of our ministry to adults. We encourage everyone to get involved in one or more Growth Groups. We believe that it is in the context of relationships formed in these Growth Groups that life-transformation happens.

children's ministry


Children’s Ministries at ACAC includes age 2 through grade 5.  For those younger, we have a wonderful Nursery program.  There are programs during the weekend services, as well as week night Clubs, a summer day camp program, an After School Program and many other opportunities for children to grow and know Jesus.


Student Ministries at ACAC includes grades 6 through 12.  There are opportunities for worship, as well as growth groups, retreats, Summer Mission Opportunities and much more.

student ministries


Growth happens best in small group settings. Student groups for both Middle and High school students are community based, not too far from home, and are designed for spiritual growth, community, and accountability.



Aletheia is our church plant on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh.


   The goal of ACAC’s Counseling Ministries is to support and comfort others as God has comforted us in our need.  There are opportunities for premarital counseling, support groups, and individual counseling.

  The Care Connections ministry provides care for the whole person. They strive to educate, equip, and empower individuals and families as they encounter the challenges of life. They network and build relationships with organizations, schools, businesses and agencies within the Pittsburgh community to bring Help, Hope, and Healing to the community at large.

  ACAC collaborates with other Christian community development organizations, as well as neighborhood groups and organizations, in our efforts to bring God’s shalom to the North Side of Pittsburgh.
   The Pastoral Care ministry provides care for the congregation and visitors.



ACAC utilizes various methods to communicate the Good News – website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, Blog Talk Radio, and online sermons.



ACAC’s Operations departments work behind-the-scenes to bring support and stability to the day-to-day operations.