Equipping The Next Generation
for Expanded Influence

God always keeps His promises.

Thirty four years ago, He promised Pastor Rock two things. First, He promised to
bring renewal and reconciliation to ACAC. Second, He promised He would use us
to help other congregations in settings like ours. And the words He gave Pastor
Rock for that second promise were Expanded Influence.

The Expanded Influence initiative has nine components. We've addressed the first two - the Holy Spirit in us and through us. And we'll continue to do so. Over the next three years we'll focus on what we're calling the "3 Cs":

  • Expand our Communications capacity; using web, streaming, and social media to share what we've learned with a broader audience.
  • Launch our first Church Plant in Homestead on Easter Sunday 2018 and then plant other churches in urban settings.
  • Launch a Campus Redesign that will enable us to bring our Children's Ministry back and serve our congregation and the community more effectively.

We're calling this three-year initiative ACAC Next Gen because it will position us for the next generation of ministry at ACAC.

If you call ACAC your church home we need you to be "all in" during this exciting chapter in our long history. So, I encourage you to pray, be informed, get engaged, vote in March, and then prepare yourself for sacrificial, faith-stretching involvement. Prepare to be part of something bigger than you! It will be a stiff challenge! But God's people are often called to do things that would be impossible without God. That's where faith grows!

Expanded Influence: Vision

Expanded Influence: Journey

Expanded Influence: Next Gen